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A robust, validated and governed geoscientific database is essential to any mining or exploration project. With increasing investment in data science to extract more value from geoscientific information, data integrity has never been more important. At PrimeEarth we specialise in the management, integration and governance of geoscientific observation data with the aim to build trust into your most important asset, the database.


With over a decade working in site based and corporate roles, PrimeEarth has built extensive experience in the management and development of geoscientific databases. 

We have hands on experience with implementing and maintaining dataflows for multiple base metal operations at all stages of the mine value chain.

Our team is highly specialised in the use and configuration of the acQuire GIM Suite across exploration, production and geotechnical environments.


Over the years we have developed a real passion for supporting geoscience professionals in the precision collection and management of geoscientific data



Geoscientific Data Management | Automation | Integration | Governance


Daily data management and support for your geologists and technicians. Importing, exporting, reporting and validation on all forms of drilling, logging, sampling and analytical data.


Establish and customise your new data collection workflows or review your existing ones. We scope, test, implement, and document your geoscientific data workflows and drive the change management process.


Imports, exports, analytical results and QAQC reports. A majority of the digital inputs and outputs from your database can be automated. We can establish and maintain these automated processes freeing up your valuable time.


Never before has data needed to be everywhere all at once. The geological database represents just one part of your geoscience environment, we can integrate your systems to push or pull data wherever required.


Move your validation processes closer to the data capture source. Maintain lookups and referential integrity. Establish routine validation reporting and database audits tailored to your business rules and reporting periods.


Manage the importing, approving and charting of your analytical and QAQC data. Laboratory management and engagement as well as sample tracking, turnaround and weekly, monthly and quarterly QAQC reporting.


Rarely does a project have all its drilling data in one format. We can complete digital data compilations from a variety of sources or supervise large scale compilations of paper and digital data from public or private sources.


Move data sets into your existing data management system. Whether you have acquired new ground or taken over an existing project, we can migrate all of your drilling, sampling and analytical data into a single database.


Policies, procedures, standards. Your end to end geoscientific data governance should be documented. We create procedures where they are needed or audit your existing documentation to reduce process drift.


Don't let survey and logging data build up while on leave. For peace of mind and to make sure your precious time off is not interrupted, we offer support and management cover for when your key database personnel take leave.


Perth, Western Australia

+61 409 116 864


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