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Director | Principal Database Geologist

B.Sc (Geology), M.Sc (Mining Geology and Mineral Exploration)

Samuel Watt is the Director and Senior Database Geologist at PrimeEarth and has over a decade of experience using, managing and developing geoscientific database systems. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geology from Curtin University, Australia. His research focused on the link between macro scale geochemical anomalies with micro scale mineral assemblages in Archean gold deposits across West Africa. After graduating, Sam worked in the compilation of large-scale open file geochemical data for use in exploration targeting on a global scale. Moving into site-based roles, Sam specalised in the management and configuration of the acQuire GIM Suite for exploration, open-pit and underground production environments. Sam has worked across multiple gold and base metal deposits throughout Australia and internationally and in 2022, moved into a contracting role becoming a Professional level acQuire Nova Network Partner.


Perth, Western Australia

+61 409 116 864

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